Cake Baker

Guess who’s getting a year older tomorrow?


Tumblr’s a fucking joke.

Tumblr’s a fucking joke.

(Ayyy, Ghostly as a man! That facial hair though.)

(Ayyy, Ghostly as a man! That facial hair though.)

I.. I can’t s-see..


"B-but, baby, your.. Your eye.. P-please no, y-you.. You didn’t look, did you..? Y-you should never look back.."

(( Yay! Updates! References to older arcs! References to older characters! Flashbacks! PTSD! Shit hitting the fan! Also, I’m getting used to Sketchbook pro, so.. Bear with me.))

(In case you’re outta the loop. From like, forever ago.)


Meh… I hate getting ready in the morning… Way too much work getting up and going through all the extra crap… especially having to reapply my highlights… *sigh*

(Thanks to rainbowjellycream, ask-the-little-misfit-filly, and ask-ghostly-mist for the asks!)

(Posted a night early because reasons.)

*Casually promotes*

We used our general first aid, sir. It wasn’t really hospital concerning.

Pretty awkward when your lead anchor is giving you shifty looks in the morning.


Heeeeeere it is, the milestone you’ve all been waiting months for! I know, it took forever, but I’m very proud of it, and I hope you all are too. As of now though, I have 700+ followers, but that’s fine, it’s still above 600! I have a full list of the blogs I used on a Google Doc, right here:

I hope you all enjoy, and please pardon any mistakes I may have made, this was a huge headache to make. But it was so worth it. 

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